Where to new install emoji?

You may not know that emoji is a word with Japanese origins, that is to say, it came from e (picture in Japanese) and moji (character in Japanese.) The term became so popular that it was named as the Word of the Year by Oxford Dictionaries. Some years ago, Oxford realized that the use of the term emoji increased greatly and recognized its significant influence on western popular culture. According to Oxford Dictionaries president Gaspar Grathwohl, emoji´s impact is due to its flexibility and immediacy.

As many of you know, emoticons predated the creation of emoji. In addition to this, emoji were also predated by some other graphical representations inside and outside the Asian country. During the nineties, Shigetaka Kurita developed the first emoji. It is said that he was inspired by manga and some other artistic representations. In the present article, I am going to explain how to install emoji on Google keyboard.

How to install emoji on Android devices?

First of all, you have to check the version of Android you have. Open the Settings menu on your mobile device. To do so, you have the option of selecting the Settings app. It is extremely important to know what Android version you have before installing emoji due to its status as a system-level font. Keep in mind that every new version of this operating system supports newer emoji. On some Android phones, you will be required to find the System section before scrolling through the Settings menu.

Now, you have to look for the About device button. If you do not find this button, so look for the About phone button or About tablet button. If you are required to do so, select the software version option. After doing so, look for the Android version entry, which will indicate which Android version you are running. If you are using Android 4.4 or later, select the Play Store, click on the Google Play box, and enter google keyboard. Select Google Keyboard from in the results forthcoming from the platform.

After following the preceding instructions, select the Install button, select the Accept button, and wait for the installation of Google Keyboard to complete. Now, open the Settings menu again and look for the Personal menu. Select the Language & input option, and then select the Default button. Select Google Keyboard, tap the ENTER button, and select the smiling face you will see in the following menu. Select any category of the Google Keyboard, and then choose the character you want to insert.

How to install emoji by using iWnn IME?

As with the preceding instructions, you will be required to open the Settings option on your mobile device. Look for the Personal menu, select the Language & input button, and then select the iWnn IME box option. Now you have to open an application that let you enter. After doing so, select the Space button. Now, you have the option of changing emoji categories by selecting the Category option. With the << and >> buttons, you are completely allowed to check more pages of emoji characters.

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